Monday, April 04, 2005

Pete's Candy Store

709 Lorimer St. (just above BQE)
(718) 302 - 3770

This place seems very popular, and I'm sure I'm the ten millionth person to review it on a blog, but here goes...

decor: 4/5 ... much-commented-on railroad car style room (where the bands play) is cool-looking but cramped. most of the points are for the large backyard area with smoking, which was much less crowded than the bar when i was there

music: 3.5/5 ... good band in the mopey neil young vein

crowd: 3/5 ... mostly young hipster types ... an awful lot of people seemed to be in the band that was going on next

drinks: 3/5 ... pretty typical ... beers $5, cheap shots

dive factor: 2/5

summary ... decent venue for music and worth seeing once, but a little cramped (on a friday night, at least) ... probably better on weeknights, and in the summer when backyard fills up and thins the crowd a little


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