Monday, April 04, 2005


Kent Ave. + S. 5th

The bartender told me this place was called Rocky's, but it seems to have a lot of names. you'll know it by the huge mermaid sculptures in the middle of the bar.

decor: 3/5 ... very spacious, high ceilings, pool table, little raised stage for a band ... kind of a warehouse feel overall

crowd: 3/5 ... almost totally empty but the few people there (who were all playing pool) seemed all right

drinks: 3/5 ... i really have no idea how to rate drinks, let's be honest

dive factor: 4/5

overall: 3.5/5 ... this place has some key ingredients of a dive: dark, mostly empty, located in a dicey neighborhood down by the river ... seems like it would be a great place to go see a band, or on a night when they have some kind of event (the bartender mentioned female mud-wrestling but i forget the dates) ... it's big enough and out of the way enough that i can't see it ever getting too crowded.


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