Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Doc Holliday's

Avenue A & 10th street

Doc Holliday's benefited greatly from the demise of the Village Idiot, which had it beat in every category of the ironic country-and-western bar awards -- i.e. more bras above the bar instead of cowboy boots nailed to the ceiling, more space, better pool table, actual Bettie Page bondage movies instead of Bettie Page murals on the wall, genuinely insane old men who would eagerly discuss said movies with you instead of a few moody forty-year-olds, and, in a nod to this site's editor, slightly fewer NYU freshmen (although I really don't see the problem there).

But the Idiot is gone, and Doc's is still one of the better places in the Tompkins Square Park area, especially since it usually doesn't get quite as crowded as Niagara or some of its other neighbors.

Decor -- 3.5/5 ... all I will add to my above commentary is that the last time I was there someone looked at me, looked at Bettie Page, looked at me again and said "watch out ... that's a man" and then disappeared into the bathroom. Oh, and there's a pool table.

Crowd -- 3.5/5 ... sometimes one or two hell's angel types, but usually pretty typical for the neighborhood

Drinks -- 3/5 ... normal selection, reasonable prices

Jukebox (i just added this category) -- 2/5 ... 3.5 for the selection, but i'm not sure it's hooked up to the speakers. let's put it this way: if you really, REALLY like "a boy named sue," "folsom prison blues," "the devil went down to georgia," and really that's about it, you'll be in heaven

Dive factor -- 3.5/5 ... something about hipsters, etc.

Overall -- 3.5/5 ... all the above comments may sound kind of grouchy but I actually spend a fair amount of time here. A consistent and somewhat relaxed stop in a fairly keyed-up neighborhood. As usual it can get a little mobbed on Friday or Saturday night, but even then only for an hour or two. Worth a trip if you're in the neighborhood.


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