Thursday, June 16, 2005

Blarney Cove

14th street bet. A+B

Ignore the Time Out New York "best dive bar" review in the window -- this isn't the best dive bar in the city (but it's a good one) and, more importantly, it doesn't seem like the kind of place where you'll run into any Time Out New York readers. On a Monday (Tuesday? they're starting to run together) night, the place was almost totally deserted except for a couple of guys at the jukebox and the bartender playing video games in the back.

Decor: long and narrow; the kind of brassy, seventies interior you might associate with mob movies. A little faded, but not in poor repair. 4/5

Jukebox: if we had a "weirdest jukebox" award would go to the Holiday Lounge (*three* patty griffin albums? did she come in with a shotgun and load it herself?) but this place would be second. lots of frank sinatra with the white stripes and other newer, hipper stuff sprinkled in unselfconsciously. includes "she's got you" by patsy cline, which i have to stop using as a metric though because most bars seem to have it. 2/5

Drinks: ridiculously cheap if you stick to the specials -- two pints of killian's for $5. we didn't sample the liquor but will add something in the comments when we do. 4.5/5

Dive factor: this place really feels like a dive without feeling like they're going out of their way to be one (see Mars Bar, Botanica, etc, fine establishments all), which is unusual. And only matched so far, in this reviewer's opinion, by international bar. Which i would link to the review of if I knew how. 4.5/5.

UPDATE: Our team of experts found the link to our previous review


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