Saturday, January 28, 2006

Larry Lawrence

295 Grand St. bet. Roebling & Havemeyer

Not a dive at all (but that hasn't stopped us yet), this is a dark, high-ceilinged, brick-walled loungy sort of place. It's set back from the street by a long hallway and has no windows except a clever glass wall looking down from the smoking deck, which is very nice and similar to the one at Capone's, which was presumably reviewed here at some point.

drinks -- 3/5, about what you'd expect. Jean, who brought us there, recommends the white wine.

crowd -- 4/5, not too crowded, even on a Friday night -- and according to Jean it's even less crowded on weeknights ...which is a minus if you're into meeting new people and happiness and stuff, but a big plus for misanthropic hermits like your reviewers.

dive factor -- 1/5. if you've been reading this site from the beginning (i've just ruled out everyone on the planet), you may be asking yourself "how do these manhattanites, in between sneering at 'hipsters' and the 'nyu crowd', manage to find themselves in brooklyn every night and then find their way to the least divey, most manhattan-like bars there? why don't they just get some nice striped shirts and head for the meatpacking district and get it over with?" and the answer is, just shut up, ok?


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