Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Welcome to NYC Dives

NYC Dives is as the name, much like a commercial not featuring the product, suggests: a weblog about dive bars in New York City. While one can pick up a TONY, Dive Bar book, or search Shecky's, these tend to give a small one paragraph description, and repeat the same famous "dives" (McSorleySwigginsBlueGoldetc). Here at the NYC Dives, motivation and alcohol consumption at the bar permitting, we take a different approach. Pictures, interviews with bartenders, and "live reports" from the bars.

Be warned, however, as character of these places may change night to night. McSwiggans can be a diver's Xanadu Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, but come Wednesday (all you can drink) and the weekend, enjoy elbowing with drunk NYU students and frat guys from Penn. These reviews aren't limited to the weekend, as the best dive bar, and drinking, experience is over the week. There are no Jettas from Jersey coming in to sample our city's fine bars like on weekends, it is pure New Yorkers, searching for a good time and an excuse not to be in the apartment.


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