Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Last Exit

136 Atlantic Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11201-6729
(718) 222-9198
Cross Street: Between Clinton Street and Henry Street

'Bout time we started posting again. We were at Last Exit on a lazy Saturday afternoon, so cannot speak to its night vibe, however, the place was great. Good couches inside and an ample backyard outside made it a great place to just sit, relax and have a beer. Not particularly divey (whatever that means), however, more thrift shop grunge. Drinks were OK prices for Brooklyn ($4-6 a beer) but not totally cheap. The people around were friendly, as was the bartender.

Decor (4/5) - Like out of a goodwill shop, but with ample comfortable seating. Rotating art on the wall also a draw. Outside is great and has many seats.

Crowd (3/5) - Friendly people from the neighborhood, though I hear at nights this place draws them in from all parts of BK

Drinks (2/5) - Them aint as cheap as ye'd think

Dive Factor (2/5) - Not a dive to drink your troubles away, more of a good bar to go to after Sahadi's and perhaps to spend a great night (though us day drinkers can't vouch for that one)


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