Monday, March 28, 2005

The Hanger

The Hanger
217 E Third St
New York, NY 10009-7521

Coming in, a long bar to squeeze through leads to a mix of goodwill couches and 1940's era photographs fill the back room. Ample couches and seating in the back, as well as standing room if needed. Backroom-ish type area in back. Couches are comfy,

Spacing (4/5 - no troubles)
Lighting (3/5 - dark enough)
Dive Atmosphere (3/5 - not a true dive, but not fancified... one must lower the dive standard in New York)

Here your reviewer is hazy, so they must have been strong. Above average, though not that much, selection of beer and the usual liquors you would find. The drinks are neither cheap nor expensive (if I recall $15 for 2 good scotches) - $4-6 for a beer. Not drop down dive pricing, but not high trend-setter pricing. Service was very friendly, asked the patrons what music they wanted played.

Price (3/5 - normal)
Strength (3/5 - normal)
Selection (3/5 - normal)
Service (5/5 - friendly)

20's age some groups. Not that crowded, but was 2am on a Thursday.

Summary - A good place to spend a couple of hours if you can sit down and also a convenient stop before close-by music venues (i.e. nublu)


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