Friday, April 29, 2005


3rd Ave @ 43rd

Every once in a while, one gets the notion in one's head to have a proper lunch. Other times, one just wants to drink at noon on a weekday. For the latter crowd, Muldoons is a good choice. When visiting there at 12:15pm the bar was filled with office workers, construction crews (booze+heavy machinery+possible debris=avoiding contruction sites during daytime) and some regulars. On a sunny 86 degree day, the reason why we choose this pub rather than the host of other lunch time pick me up establishments along third below 47th was a little outside patio out back. This patio proved underused, or unheard of, as there were only a couple guests. A TV playing NY1 was perched so all can see, and there were about 4 booths and 2 tables.

The food was OK, if not a bit overpriced. When we got the bill, however, we were quite pleasantly surprised that our McSorley pints cost $2.50! In the future for the thrifty citizen, lunches there will be liquid. A friendly waitstaff and clientele mix make Muldoons an enjoyable island in the sea of midtown east power lunch/chain restaurants. Not too dingy, but not too nice, Muldoons is a good place for a pint, just avoid the food.

Decor (3/5) - Typical Irish pub interior, bar in front, tables in back room, then a patio out back.

Crowd (4/5) - Mixed. Though the decor may not suggest a "dive" the hard lunchtime drinking' crowd is one part of the equation

Drinks (4/5) - The other part of the equation. Cheap beers. Not sure about well drinks, but it seemed like a reasonable place.

Dive Factor (3/5) - Too "nice" a decor, but the crowd a


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