Sunday, September 11, 2005

Fun (previoulsy Funhouse)

160 N 4th St
Brooklyn, NY 11211-3268
(718) 302-4300
Cross Street: Between Driggs Avenue and Bedford Avenue

The Funhouse (now Fun) is a great spot in the southernish part of Williamsburg. Near Black Betty and about 2 minutes from the Bedford avenue stop, it is [no longer large] space that is rarely full, but usually a fine time. There is no longer a ping pong table there, which is a shame but the place looks more loungy. The value conscious drinker will want the liquor here, as it is a good pour ($5-6 for what equates to a triple). Beer is OK ($5) but could be cheaper. DVDs on the wall, though the old Funhouse sculptures are gone.

Decor (3/5) - Bit more loungy and subdued than before

Crowd (3/5) - Usually not a huge one. The bar may now possibly cater toward the gay crowd who bring straight friends.

Drinks (3/5) - The beer is no deal, and the pours went up in price.

Dive Factor (2/5) - Trying to be a lounge. Old Funhouse R.I.P.


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