Monday, May 09, 2005


393 2ND Ave
New York, NY 10010-4627
(212) 725-8740

NOTE: There is an all you can drink special on Wed. nights till midnight. $10 a cup. The hidden cost is in tolerating youngsters spilling drinks on you and general crowdedness. Curmudgeons beware, socials delight, Wed is a different night.

McSwiggans is one of the better bars in the far east Gramercy area, and it happens to be one of the diviest. On any given night there will be a smattering of people at the bar, and maybe a couple playing pool or darts (though never a line for these things really). Booze isn't expensive, and the Jukebox has classic rock. If you want the deerhunter game, its here too, along with one of those LCD consols with note the difference pictures, seemingly taken from soft core porn. All in all a good place to spend a relaxed evening if you are in the neighborhood.

Decor (4/5) - More dingy than others (hence the higher rating). Pool table and darts nice add, plenty of things to do at the bar involving pointy metal things and big sticks (what better things to use drunk?)

Crowd (4/5) - Some mellow neighborhood people, some hard core winos. Good mix.

Drinks (3/5) - Normal price, good strength

Dive Factor (4/5) - Sans Wed., this is a pretty grimy and half empty place. High scores here.


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