Monday, June 06, 2005

Black Betty

Black Betty
366 Metropolitan Ave (at Havemeyer)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Phone: 718-599-0243

Black Betty is set up as a faux North African themed dive. Red walls, tattered seats, and other touches give the place a produced seedy decor, but one that is still a pleasure to spend time in. Ample room, many group tables and a central Wburg location makes it an ideal place to begin an evening. Though there early at time of review, there are DJs and live music (check out the website for further detail). The outdoor space is great, not too crowded, table seating, relaxed atmosphere... you can eat out there as well. This is a nice spot, though not a down an dirty dive, the drinks are pretty cheap, and the atmosphere is not pretentious (you won't find lone drinker, but you won't find striped shirts).

Decor (4/5) - Tricky, the divey middle eastern in contrived, but still divey. It works well however, along with the good seating and outdoor space.

Crowd (3/5) - Hipsters, vegans and neighborhood folk (who are hipsters)

Drinks (3/5) - Pretty good, $4-5 well, $7 top shelf. Well mixed.

Dive Factor (2/5) - Too friendly and laid-back a place to be a real dive, but still a good time. Looks like a dive, at least. Good compromise for your out-of-town friends who want to "totally go to a dive" but won't step foot in a real dump (i.e. Mars Bar)


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