Thursday, June 02, 2005

Open Bars and All-you-can-drink Specials

New York Metro, a fine source for lists of drinking related items, put out another list of places which have open bars or all-you-can-drink specials. Some applicable ones follow:

Select deals cribbed from New York Metro - extensive list here:

8-11pm: Doc Holliday's The Deal: $5 for unlimited Bud Lite drafts.The Draw: Drinks are always as cheap as the dirt on the floor at Doc's, but this may be their best
special of all.
9-12pm: The Cellar The Deal: $12 for all-you-can-drink Bud, Yeungling, and well drinks (Thursdays also). The draw: Compared to Doc's, this basement bar's backyard patio is literally a breath of fresh air. Service can be slow: the barkeeps card all the babyfaces who walk in from the NYU dorms. Stay sober by making use of the pizza joint next door or the many takeout menus on hand.

6pm-3:30am: Bar 4 The Deal: Any day of the week, $15 for unlimited PBRs and Yeunglings. The Draw: Hand over a $20 and get the change in quarters: the day-long beerfest at this casual Park Slope spot means you'll have plenty of time to beat the high score on the Ms. Pac Man/Galaga machine.


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