Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Levee

212 Berry St
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 218-8787
Cross Street: North 3rd Street
Directions: L at Bedford Ave

NYC Diver was very happy to be drawn to the place by a lit up Pabst sign at 4 in the morning. A bar in Williamsburg open late is a rare thing, and stumbling upon this one was an excellent circumstance. While scoring low on dive, it scores high on jukebox, comfort and food/beer selection. Plenty of Lone Star, Frito Pie and other things from the southland are on the menu. The back room has comfy antique furniture, and board games are available to play. The jukebox is varied and excellent, Magnetic Fields, Hank Williams, Radiohead, metal, hip-hop, it pretty much has everything. Not on a main drag, it also has the nice feeling of not being too crowded. We hear but don't remember that there are pinball machines there as well.

Decor (3.5/5) - OK, nice couches in the back, nicely done features from the old building.

Crowd (4/5) - Late night there was one, which made us happy enough. UPDATE: Loud and crowded earlier in night

Drinks (4/5) - Good selection of beer and bourbon

Dive Factor (3/5) - Its pretty nice and not cheap, but the great jukebox, late hours (for Brooklyn) and good seating make it worthwhile.


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