Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Musical Box

219 Ave B
New York, NY 10009-3357
(212) 254-1731

The Musical Box, a no sign bar in the East Village is a worthwhile mention, cheap drinks, comfortable and plentiful couches in the back and a pool table make it a great place. As a bonus/drawback, there is a bathroom bouncer (how to fill that occupation out on a survey form I'm not clear on) which keeps the line moving Guantanamo style. Though - good drinks, reasonable pool table, small back area with seating to smoke/get air (note: do not be dumb like editors and close the door, you will get locked out and you will feel like an idiot thereafter).

Decor (3/5) - Faux-1897 dive

Crowd (2/5) - Borderline too crowded, over the border NYU screechy kids, but that only happened around midnight. Very nice before all that.

Drinks (4/5) - Good selection and reasonable (for the neighborhood) prices.

Dive Factor (2/5) - A good dive is hard to find, this bar is no dive, but good nonetheless due to cheapish drinks for the neighborhood.


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