Monday, January 16, 2006


349 Broadway (Corner of Hooper)
L Train to Lorimer Ave, JMZ

Though a trek from usual “North” Willimasburg, Moto is well worth the excursion to the south. The corner bar/bistro scores high marks on its great prices on drinks ($4 for interesting beers and $6-10 for a range of wines) and food (entrées $8-20 depending). There was also the plus of the décor – their website ( has great photos which show the “mood” of the place, an early 20th century industrial hodgepodge including great ironworks surrounding you, the collectibles and also a pull-flush toilet. Adding to the fantasy city of industry feel is the elevated train rumbling above you, and the sparse, residential/industrial landscape around the place. Though not a dive in a traditional sense (we ought to rename this website) you do feel you are in a dive from a bygone era, and have the reasonable drinks to complement it. Also, live music certain nights, on a Friday was an old-time Django Reinhardt style jazz performance which lasted well past 1 a.m..

Décor (5/5) – Just great. This reviewer watched a documentary about the opening of the place (Eat This New York), so it can be even more appreciated.

Crowd (5/5) – Friendly and laid back. The wave of bad eggs that washes over the north is scared away by the “transitional” neighborhood leaving only those who appreciate it.

Drinks (4/5) – Though there could be more selection, the drinks are reasonably priced.

Dive Factor (3/5) – It gets a 3 for location and historical grit, however this is no Holiday Cocktail Lounge.


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